Next-level Training
Hub Experience

Client: Confidential Client
Director: Zichuan Xiong
Designer: Yifan Wu

01. Project Goal
Developing a mobile app concept to support the new hire experience in the headquarters of the client with campus information (classes, maps, menu, student and instructor resources). Also, the app will serve as an outlet for informal performance support content (checklists, events, job aids) when the user is back at the respective location.
02. Business Goal Analysis
& Information Architectures
After a full day working session on sorting and clearing the concept model with the director, I started putting together the information architecture and identifying core flows. The concept of a training hub platform comes to its rough shape for the first time. At this point, we are also thinking beyond meeting the goals we identified. We are using the perk section as a mechanism that encourages people to use the app and establish a stronger relationship between the brand and the trainees.

Information Architecture

03. Wireframing & Visual Directions
According to the Conceptual Mapping and Information Architecture results, the wire frames come to life quickly, forming the frames of the final concept. Details and design patterns are discussed and tweaked in a frequent and fast way.
After studying and digesting brand guidelines and assets provided by the client, we are able to develop compelling and engaging visual language as well as a consistent design system. I managed to discover a more energetic and friendly way to engage with the user using animations while maintain the visual connection to the brand value and spirit.
04. Prototyping & Interaction Design
The design system is evaluated again in the process of connecting pages together. Lots of tweaks are made to make the whole experience more seamless and easy in the process of prototyping, and it's also an opportunity for me to take another look at this whole project in different layers, which is truly a valuable learning experience for me.

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