Flying in
Luxurious Comfort

Client: Confidential Client
Director: Zichuan Xiong
PM: Sarah Sulistio
Designer: Yifan Wu,  Zehan Lin

01. Project Background
Our client came to us with a very clear and specific goal: improve the overall quality of their mobile app, and I was staffed as the visual designer in this engagement. The concept was produced in an extremely tight schedule, it can not be done without the help from my director Zichuan and my fellow colleague Zehan. I jumped in at the design stage of the concept, and with the context and insights given by the consulting team, we were able to bring this idea to life quickly.
*Confidential contents are not displayed in this case study.
02. Approach
In this engagement, the client has a very specific goal that is closely related to visual direction: In order to adapt to the U.S. market, the client initiated a brand refresh to improve the relationship between the brand and the customers. However, the biggest challenge is that the client didn't provide a very well-crafted brand guideline, leaving us in a awkward place to take the responsibility to explore a visionary visual language with little support.
Efforts were made to not only design an airline mobile app, but also deliver the brand value to the customers.
03. Prototyping
In every step of our design process, we kept the branding impression as well as the user experience in mind, and we are able to put together a fully clickable prototype eventually. It does not only serve the purpose of fulfilling our client's business goals, but also it delivers a vision for the future.

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