Time Reveals
Every Truth

Designer: Yifan Wu

01. Project Background
For this project, we were asked to pick two short, meaningful sentences and“illustrate,” with type, their meaning.This should be as experimental as possible.It could be three images that are presented as posters, or it could be two videos.The videos should be short enough that the audience can see how type forms are revealed. The conceptual thinking should be related to the word, type form,and the materials.
02. Appaoach
The approach I chose for this particular project was to present a connection among materials, visuals, and emotions.Eventually, I came up with this unique laser type effect, which was the application of Tyndall Effects.The look and feel also created a unique connection with the word “lies”, creating a deeper layer of meanings about emotions, technology, and humans.The black and red color scheme also created a strong contrast, making the forms of the letters stronger.

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